Well Dressed Wednesday!

I’m no fashion guru. I can’t tell you about anyone’s new fall lineup, or who is hot in the industry and who is not. Zoolander was the last media I consumed regarding the fashion world. I do spend a good deal of time making sure that I am excited about my appearance and I’m often more than happy to pass on some advice or tips. Since looking good and feeling good have become minor passions of mine I have decided to dedicate Wednesdays to be my lifestyle writing day. From now on Wednesdays will be known as Well Dressed Wednesday (Thanks Kiri for letting me use the title).

This week I thought I would share with you the pictures that gave me the inspiration to start this column:

Here is Kiri showing off her outfit that she called “Not wearing ripped jeans to work.”

I had to fire back with my work wear for the day. Kinda standard until you see the awesome ass Punisher belt buckle. Ladies I won’t fault you for checking out my mid section but keep in mind that I’m not a piece of meat.

A good friend of the site Ben got into it, he is one dapper guy. I have to be honest I get a lot of good style tips from this guy.

At this point Bruce Campbell decided to join in, no seriously he threw his hat into the ring for Well Dressed Wednesdays. I’m pretty sure he didn’t run into the other room to put on a tux for us, but still awesome nonetheless. This really made my day, Bruce has always been one of my favorite actors. He carries himself with a sense of cool, demure style and at the same time an air of “Take nothing too seriously.” Yeah I got a bit of a man crush on him I’ll admit it.

I had to fire back with a bit of my own homage to Bruce, there was some talk of mojitos, so… well, you know.


And that is the story of the birth of Well Dressed Wednesdays here at Geek Cred. I’m excited to attempt weekly articles about fashion, personal grooming and other fun stuff. If you have questions or suggestions for topics drop me a line at Thadeous(a)Geek-Cred.com or hit me up on Twitter @ThadeousC. You can also follow the Well Dressed Wednesday action on twitter with the hashtag #WDW

Geek Out



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