Triumphant return to blogging title goes here.

Thadeous hard at work.

I’ve been busy, doing work, and making things.

I’m back! Now imagine that I just wrote a whole paragraph about how awesome it is to be blogging again and how much I’ve missed it. Try to add to the imaginary scenario that it was a tour de force and that you were moved to some kind of emotion. You are either exuberant and over joyed that I am back, angry that I would abandon what is, obviously, my true calling, or mournful that so many years have gone by with little to no correspondence from me pertaining to the world at large. What matters is that you feel something.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way it’s time to talk, or write, or read, or whatever. We’ve got much to cover an only 30-40 years in which to cover it. Unless the upcoming election goes poorly, then we may have exponentially less time, but also less to cover as that time goes on. Look at me being topical and in the moment. I’ve missed this, but that was all covered in the previous paragraph. One that is sure to win me some sort of internet writing award, no doubt.

Thadeous with a beard!

It’s me, but now with more hair, in the face area.

As it stands I now have a 2 hour commute each day. I’ll be dedicating an hour of each day to getting a couple blog updates a week. I’m done trying to turn my blog into a business, so no off the wall reviews, unboxings or anything else like that unless it’s something I’m really excited about. I might throw up something about a game I’m playing, a cool new gadget I got, or whatever. For right now the experiment is for me to sit down and just put the digital pen to the electronic page and see what comes out in the wash of mixed metaphors.

Look at me writing a blog about me writing blogs, could I be any more cliché or meta? I doubt it, but then again, I’ve only just begun to start kicking this off. Stick with me for a bit and see where this goes why don’t you? Also watch Dare Devil on Nextflix, not because it has anything to do with my blog but because it’s so fucking kick ass.

Trying to figure out his closing line


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