This is a Thing: A Real Giant Freaking Robot!

Sometimes I look down at my iPad, or get done using some form of video chat, and I think to my self “I’m living in the future!” I get that feeling whenever some awesome innovation comes along that changes the way I live my life. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets the “future feeling”. It might be when you unlock your car door by reaching for the handle, turn on your computer with a fingerprint, or have a silly robot cleaning your living room floor, but the feeling is the same. While we don’t have flying cars (yet), many of the awesome things I have been waiting for since childhood have finally come around. I am proud to say that we have once again hit one of those landmark moments in history when the future becomes the present (I think I stole that from Robo Cop).

This last week I was blown away to find out that giant robots are now, in fact, real! A new company in Japan Suidobashi Heavy Industry has begun sales of the first mass production rideable giant robot called “Kuratas.” I use the term “mass produced’ tongue in cheek, due to the $1.3 million dollar price tag; I doubt these will be rolling off the line like your average Honda Accord.

I have to admit that I didn’t think the first giant robot would feature Microsoft Kinect capabilities but I somehow knew that MS would have something to do with the first great robot rebellion. It’s hard to put into words the excitement I feel for real giant robots armed with water rocket launchers, foam ball gatling guns, and giant metal claws. As with everything, I’m going to wait until a second model is released before buying one; I want to make sure they get all the bugs out first.

Not only does this robot have a top speed of an amazing 6 mph and optional iPhone controls, but you can also pick a custom color package. What? Gun metal grey isn’t your bag? Try lightning yellow, just in case having your own 12 foot giant robot isn’t screaming “look at me!” enough.

I guess this Old Glory Robot Insurance I bought might actually come in handy eh?

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