The great video initiative

Can social media get people to respond to a request in a meaningful way?  Can response to social media create something of value?  I think it is time to find out. It’s easy to get a message out into the community, the hard part is to get reaction in the form of positive construction.

I’m starting the next stage of my social media campaign to get me a job. This time I am asking for a bit more involvement than just hitting the Facebook “like” button or tweeting a message. This time I’m asking people to record a short video where in support for my cause is administered. I’m not asking for anything long or Emmy award winning, but have fun with it and be creative. A short 1-2 min video of your self proclaiming me to be the most awesome person in the world for the social media/community manager position at Wizards of the Coast will do.

Listen I know you have been looking for a reason to use that fun little webcam that came with your laptop. We all think “I’m going to hold so many business meetings with this thing!” and then never do. Now is your chance to put that camera to good use and help me get a job, I’ll be you even have fun doing it!

If you don’t have a webcam you can still get in on the action by taking a picture of your self holding a sign with a funny/fun/emotional supportive message for me. Easy enough right?

If you have decided to make a video for my great video initiative  please email it or a dropbox link at

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