The Cred Cast: Episode 5 Marian Call Understands the Muppets!


Photo by Brian Adams


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Welcome back to the Cred Cast! I am more than happy to call this my favorite episode to date. I’m pretty sure I’ll say that about every episode but can you blame me? This week I’m joined by Marian Call! the Alaska based woman who croons and makes geeks swoon. I would love to say that she came all the way from Alaska to Portland just to chat with me so I will. I’ll just let myself believe that her show was an afterthought and that the Cred Cast was more than enough reason to travel that far. This episode was recorded over breakfast (crepes if you must know) and was super fun to do.

Marian got real fast, jumping from her music to much deeper topics such as loss of personal connection through technology, women coming out in geek culture, and (my favorite topic of all) the Muppets! Sitting down with Marian was like sittting down with an old friend for the first time and I really look forward to the next time I get to do it.

Geek Out.

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