The Cred Cast: Episode 3 – What’s your favorite cupcake


Tara. Image Stolen from

Dammit Liz

Dammit Liz. Photo by Rasmus Rassmusen @theprint

Emeral city comic con has come and gone, but the episodes I recorded while there still remain. Episode 3 of the Cred Cast is chalked full of geeky awesome sauce as I am joined by Tara from the upcoming web-series Job Hunters and the cupcake ladened blog Geeky Hostess and Charisma Consulting. Aaaaaaand Dammit Liz the nerd wrangler extraordinaire of Woot StockJoCo Cruise Crazy, and internet fame. Join us as we break down such awesome topics as pink wine, Kickstarter, how to party(the right way) at conventions and much much more. It sounds like a shill to say but this could be our best episode yet!


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