Robots and Tardisis (Tardai?) And more!

I can’t help but window shop on the internet. When I do, I always find a million things I would love to have, but either my budget or my respect for my girlfriend prevent me from buying. Here are a couple things I found in the past few days that makes me really wish I had a nerd cave in which I could keep such treasures.

R2D2 lunch bag! 

I mean really, ThinkGeek? Just take my paycheck. Yeah I’m sure your co-workers will get a bit annoyed after they hear R2 beep frantically as you retrieve your lunch from him, but will you care? Hell no, R2D2 is feeding you! Screw those jerks.

Pac Man shot glasses! 

Anyone who knows me knows my love for the man of Pac. I might have a Pac Man tattoo, I might not. Either way, these would make drinking even more fun than it already is. The only thing that would make these better would be the blue scared version of the ghosts on the back of each glass. Also where the hell is Pinky? How could they leave out the best ghost? I mean they left Clyde in but not Pinky? That’s some shit right there.

Tardis trash can!

Honestly I don’t have a trash can at my desk. I really do need one, and if I’m already going to be spending money on a trashcan why not this one? I wonder if it is bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside? Also it makes noise!

This is by no means everything I found in the last few days. Hell, this is only stuff from one site. But you and I both have things to do, so I’ll let you get to yours and I’ll drop more cool things on you later.


Geek Out.


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