Random Geek: Zombie Outbreak Response Team Go!

I took this picture while I was on my way into a grocery store. I tweeted it and made some joke about how I was glad that they, the Zombie Response Team, are out there protecting us. It was funny at the time and it still is, but as I look at this picture it means a bit more to me. When I say, “I’m glad they are out there”, what I really mean is “I’m glad the geeks and nerds of the world are out there.” And not just out there at large, but out of the closet and out in the open doing the awesome things they do. It makes me so happy to see people who paint these things on their trucks, who dress up at conventions, who ride a unicycle while wearing a kilt and a Darth Vader costume while playing Star Wars music on a bagpipe.

Not to wax poetic about being openly geeky but I’m a bit of a late bloomer in the geek world. It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I really began to embrace my nerdy side. It has always been present, playing RPGs on my Nintendo instead of sportsball games. Taking apart my mother’s first computer and practically giving her a heart attack. The Star Wars addiction I had to work so hard to hide from my friends and coworkers. I have always been a geek, but I have tried to hide it for a long time. Now I am out and open about it, and I love running into others who are too!

To all the geeks and nerds out there who fly their flag high, and to the Zombie Outbreak Response Team, I say keep being awesome in public geek gals and guys! The world needs more awesome!

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