Random Geek: Tea

As I find my self getting back into writing I have begun to adopt a habit of writing about something every day, even if I am not totally inspired to pen a novella. As I sit in a tea shop sipping tea, I recorded the following thoughts about how much I love tea and how it helps me chill the fuck out.

One of the defining characteristics of being a geek is that of being very passionate about specific subjects. For some it’s gaming. For some it’s technology. Others enjoy comics with a fervor. I enjoy all of those things and more. One of my long time passions has been tea. To me, there are very few options better for relaxing than sitting down with a good cup of tea.

Tea, like wine, can vary so greatly that each cup of tea can be a new experience. Sencha, Green tea, Oolong, Assam, Rooibos- there are just too many to name. Every tea has different qualities: smokey, smooth, floral, and more. It’s hard to describe why I get so excited about tea, but I do.

It might have something to do with my ADD; sitting down and drinking a killer cup of tea often helps calm me down. I know that most tea has caffeine, a stimulant (not a depressant), but the action of spending time contemplating the tea has a soothing effect on me. Trying to figure out the different flavors and subtleties gives me something to focus on, something that is neutral. It is neither good nor bad, it’s just a cup of tea. I won’t agonize over it, I’ll just enjoy it. The act of focusing on something that does not have a deadline, a possible value attached to it, or ramifications if left undone really is peaceful.

Right now I’m sitting in Steven Smith Teamaker’s enjoying a cup of Ti Kawn Yin, sipping it and paying attention to it. Right now the rest of the world can kiss my ass. Work, bills, cleaning, relationships, and responsibility all feel miles away. I’m not in some York Peppermint Patty commercial, magically transported to some distant mountain top, but my focus is occupied and that makes me happy. What is it that you do to cut loose? What do you do that lets you be free from everything that makes up your day to day life? Tea? Books? Gardening? Geeks have a crap ton of passions, what is yours?

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