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Why would Wizards of the Coast want to hire an ex-restaurant manager/ex-project manager at an NGO to head up their community team and social media? What the hell do I know about social media?

I would begin by defining what social media is not.

Social media is not…

  • a tool for direct marketing.
  • a tool for getting new clients and customers.
  • a standalone tool for branding or advertising.
  • a one way point of communication.
  • going to save your brand.
With out trying to make this sound like a high school report it’s hard for me to explain to the reader that social media can be utilized to bolster the goals of a company. The range of uses for and ROI (return on investment) of social media stretches into every part of a company; strategic planning, feedback, public visibility, transparency, user support, and experience enhancement. The list could go on and on; name a department of a company and I could tell you how proper utilization of social media could further the goals specific to that department.
Social media streams such as Facebook, Twitter and so on are not always helpful. Each stream created for each brand/department needs to be scrutinized to make sure it is not detracting from or diluting the brand; too much is not always a good thing. Creating a comprehensive social media strategy involves understanding that not all social media is right for all things and that each department/brand needs a comprehensive plan tailored to its specific needs. There is no one size fits all plan for a company.
Social media changes, and the ability to adapt, change, integrate and clear away social media is important. Resources and time are lost when companies hold on to dying media only because it has worked so well for them in the past. This does not mean that companies should jump ship every time new forms of social media pop up, but metrics should be in place to help determine the value of each social media avenue they utilize. The ability to adapt and incorporate new media is key in being ahead of the game.
I think that is a good stopping point for today’s discussion on what social media is and isn’t in my book.

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