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A little over a month ago I moved from Portland, Oregon to Santa Clara, California. When I moved I left behind a pretty stable job and entered the world of the underemployed . I have been trying to pick up some freelance social media work, but that is few and far between at the moment. I thought PAX was going to be a huge boost for me since I met so many awesome new people and tons of them expressed interest in my personal talents and skill set, but the weeks of silence following the show have proved that “out of site, out of mind” is real, and painful. So what have I been doing to keep busy?


When we moved we had to decide what to do with our old furniture. Our dressers were in pretty bad shape.

As you can see, our three dressers are pretty much your basic box construction white affairs. Nothing to write a blog about. Since I am sitting on so much free time I decided that I would do something at least slightly creative, so I got out my sander and got to work.

In less than an hour I took this:

And stripped it all down to this:

From there I added a coat of white primer. At first I used primer from a spray can as it goes on very evenly and dries quickly but after 3 cans I decided that for my wallet and my sanity I would switch over to using the brush/roll on instead. I didn’t take any pictures of the primed dresser, mostly because this isn’t a DIY site and this isn’t a step by step post (also, I forgot).

Speaking of forgetting things, I totally forgot to write about step 1, which for me is one of the most important steps, and this is it:

I know I should just go back and drop this in at the beginning but that would take waaaay to much work. Not really, but I also think it’s more fun for step 1 to be somewhere in the middle. I like to enjoy a drink while I’m doing home improvement projects. I don’t get hammered (pun totally intended) but I do like to tie one on, as it were, before I fire up the old power tools. Really I do it so I can blame most of my glaring mistakes on the alcohol, “blame it on the alcohahahahal.” But I digress.

After the primer dried I added a few coats of paint, screwed them up and then sanded and added a few more. Big ups to the Censational Girl blog for the tip about Floetrol. I had totally forgotten about that stuff until I came across this article. Yes I looked up directions on how to paint furniture. It had been years since I had done it. Stop judging me!

The second application of paint was deemed more of a success than the first, but less than I wanted (but I was totally tired of doing it). After it dried, I added the new hardware that Steph had picked out. And that was really all it took. Oh yeah, I did some ding and dent patching with some wood filler and whatnot but I don’t really remember much of it (Thanks, Evan!).

So here is the finished product!

I went with a two tone blue and white with blue tint because I’m hella artistic and am all about interior design and shit. No really, I like the dual tonal look, and it matches with both the walls and the bead sheets. The white and silver hardware also add a cool touch of white to the blue drawers. As you can see I drunkenly forgot to paint the very bottom of the whole thing so next weekend I’m gonna haul it all back out to the garage and fix that little oversight.

Here is close of up the hardware just because:

So there you have it. I redid a couple of dressers and I have one more to go. Sadly, you should not expect more of these DIY posts in the near future since some jackass decided to break into my garage and steal all of my power tools. Now I’m underemployed and can’t do projects. At least I can still drop mad rhymes! (not really)  🙁

A parting thought: I really like doing things like this and I am actually thinking about recording myself while doing them. Kind of a DIY for the Drunk Guy show. If I manage not to lose any fingers while doing it I might actually post them on You Tube or something.

Geek Out.

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