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This isn’t a paid advertisement, or I guess you could say it is in a way. Back in June I got an email from Microsoft about a new rewards program it is running through its search engine Bing. Let’s be honest here, I’m a tech savvy guy but I have never really cared all that much about which search engine I am using. I’m sure that there is mounting piles of evidence as to which search engine is the fastest or which gives the best results, but all I really care about is getting the information I am looking for. As far as the search engine wars are concerned I am the undecided voter in this election. A free rewards program is all it takes to get my to switch my default search tool. I figured if I wasn’t happy with the way Bing worked I could easily switch back to using Google or go on to try something else. On the internet loyalty to something as simple as a search tool makes little sense to me. I am fully aware that which ever company I use has their best interests situated right before if not waaaaay ahead of mine and pretending that my loyalty means anything to them is really just self diluting. So offer me free stuff, sure I’ll jump ship.

The results of my switch were unimpressive at best. I guess a statement like that needs to be qualified one way or the other; what I mean to say is I really didn’t see a difference at all. Bing, Google, 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other. Every once in a while if I wasn’t having luck finding a specific image I needed I might have jumped over to Google and tried their luck but usually it didn’t help much. Duane Sibilly told me the other day “If you didn’t pay for it, you’re not the customer; you’re what’s being bought and sold.” I’m not sure if he got that from someone else or not but it rings true. But if I am going to be bought and sold I might as well get a Think Geek or Amazon gift card out of the deal right?

In the end it’s up to every internet user to decide for them selves which search engine they are going to use, or not decide at all and go with what ever the hell is in front of them at the time. They are all good options, I just thought I would let everyone know that there is in option out there that works and comes with “free” stuff.

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