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A little over a month ago I moved from Portland, Oregon to Santa Clara, California. When I moved I left behind a pretty stable job and entered the world of the underemployed . I have been trying to pick up some freelance social media work, but that is few and far between at the moment. I thought PAX was going to be a huge boost for me since I met so many awesome new people and tons of them expressed interest in my personal talents and skill set, but the weeks of silence following the show have proved that “out of site, out of mind” is real, and painful. So what have I been doing to keep busy?


When we moved we had to decide what to do with our old furniture. Our dressers were in pretty bad shape.

As you can see, our three dressers are pretty much your basic box construction white affairs. Nothing to write a blog about. Since I am sitting on so much free time I decided that I would do something at least slightly creative, so I got out my sander and got to work.

In less than an hour I took this:

And stripped it all down to this:

From there I added a coat of white primer. At first I used primer from a spray can as it goes on very evenly and dries quickly but after 3 cans I decided that for my wallet and my sanity I would switch over to using the brush/roll on instead. I didn’t take any pictures of the primed dresser, mostly because this isn’t a DIY site and this isn’t a step by step post (also, I forgot).

Speaking of forgetting things, I totally forgot to write about step 1, which for me is one of the most important steps, and this is it:

I know I should just go back and drop this in at the beginning but that would take waaaay to much work. Not really, but I also think it’s more fun for step 1 to be somewhere in the middle. I like to enjoy a drink while I’m doing home improvement projects. I don’t get hammered (pun totally intended) but I do like to tie one on, as it were, before I fire up the old power tools. Really I do it so I can blame most of my glaring mistakes on the alcohol, “blame it on the alcohahahahal.” But I digress.

After the primer dried I added a few coats of paint, screwed them up and then sanded and added a few more. Big ups to the Censational Girl blog for the tip about Floetrol. I had totally forgotten about that stuff until I came across this article. Yes I looked up directions on how to paint furniture. It had been years since I had done it. Stop judging me!

The second application of paint was deemed more of a success than the first, but less than I wanted (but I was totally tired of doing it). After it dried, I added the new hardware that Steph had picked out. And that was really all it took. Oh yeah, I did some ding and dent patching with some wood filler and whatnot but I don’t really remember much of it (Thanks, Evan!).

So here is the finished product!

I went with a two tone blue and white with blue tint because I’m hella artistic and am all about interior design and shit. No really, I like the dual tonal look, and it matches with both the walls and the bead sheets. The white and silver hardware also add a cool touch of white to the blue drawers. As you can see I drunkenly forgot to paint the very bottom of the whole thing so next weekend I’m gonna haul it all back out to the garage and fix that little oversight.

Here is close of up the hardware just because:

So there you have it. I redid a couple of dressers and I have one more to go. Sadly, you should not expect more of these DIY posts in the near future since some jackass decided to break into my garage and steal all of my power tools. Now I’m underemployed and can’t do projects. At least I can still drop mad rhymes! (not really)  🙁

A parting thought: I really like doing things like this and I am actually thinking about recording myself while doing them. Kind of a DIY for the Drunk Guy show. If I manage not to lose any fingers while doing it I might actually post them on You Tube or something.

Geek Out.

Well Dressed Wednesday!

I’m no fashion guru. I can’t tell you about anyone’s new fall lineup, or who is hot in the industry and who is not. Zoolander was the last media I consumed regarding the fashion world. I do spend a good deal of time making sure that I am excited about my appearance and I’m often more than happy to pass on some advice or tips. Since looking good and feeling good have become minor passions of mine I have decided to dedicate Wednesdays to be my lifestyle writing day. From now on Wednesdays will be known as Well Dressed Wednesday (Thanks Kiri for letting me use the title).

This week I thought I would share with you the pictures that gave me the inspiration to start this column:

Here is Kiri showing off her outfit that she called “Not wearing ripped jeans to work.”

I had to fire back with my work wear for the day. Kinda standard until you see the awesome ass Punisher belt buckle. Ladies I won’t fault you for checking out my mid section but keep in mind that I’m not a piece of meat.

A good friend of the site Ben got into it, he is one dapper guy. I have to be honest I get a lot of good style tips from this guy.

At this point Bruce Campbell decided to join in, no seriously he threw his hat into the ring for Well Dressed Wednesdays. I’m pretty sure he didn’t run into the other room to put on a tux for us, but still awesome nonetheless. This really made my day, Bruce has always been one of my favorite actors. He carries himself with a sense of cool, demure style and at the same time an air of “Take nothing too seriously.” Yeah I got a bit of a man crush on him I’ll admit it.

I had to fire back with a bit of my own homage to Bruce, there was some talk of mojitos, so… well, you know.


And that is the story of the birth of Well Dressed Wednesdays here at Geek Cred. I’m excited to attempt weekly articles about fashion, personal grooming and other fun stuff. If you have questions or suggestions for topics drop me a line at Thadeous(a)Geek-Cred.com or hit me up on Twitter @ThadeousC. You can also follow the Well Dressed Wednesday action on twitter with the hashtag #WDW

Geek Out



Lifestyle Geek: Cafe Office Etiquette

Freelancing has had an exciting side effect: I now do a lot of work from coffee shops, cafes, and tea houses. As I have begun spending more and more time in them, I have been trying to learn the office cafe culture. That is to say, the culture of a group of people who, on a regular basis, make a local coffee shop their office. Most days I am surrounded by at least ten other people who are engrossed in their daily office work. Some are doing design work, others writing, some even conduct job interviews; I have even been present for the drafting of a last will and testament. There is a great deal of work being done in public spaces these days, and there is a culture that goes along with it.

The cafe office culture isn’t new, it’s been around for a while now. I’m not breaking any news stories wide open here, but I’m new to it. So my experiences are fresh, and I have been trying to understand my new environment as I find my place in it. It’s like being at the office but not working with, or for, any of my co-workers. Everyone has deadlines and is hard at work on something, but no one is working together. There are plenty of people who are willing to chat, which is nice for a guy like me who thrives on human contact, but none to collaborate with. It’s an interesting change and I’m really enjoying it, though mostly due to the people watching I get to do.

So the reason for today’s post starts with a little back story. As I was setting up my coffee shop office and looking to plug in to what was the last outlet in the whole shop, another gentleman walked in the front door, set down a laptop and plugged it in right as I was reaching for the socket. I gave him an angry look but he just shrugged, sat down, and began to work. I’ll admit that I was a bit pissed that this guy swooped in and ganked my outlet but I had enough battery life to get past it. What the story did for me though was caused me to take notice of the people around me.

As I sat and worked for the next three hours neither the guy sitting to my left and the guy sitting to my right had a drink. The guy who snaked my plug never once got up to buy a drink; the guy to my other side once got up and looked t the snacks as if he were going to buy something but then returned to his seat to continue working. So I began thinking, “Is there an unwritten rule about how many drinks one should buy when working out of a coffee shop?”

I decided to poll the internet for the answer to this, here are some of the responses I received: [Ed. note: The following tweets and FB posts were pasted as-is, complete with any original typographical and/or grammatical errors]


@voiceofthebigjb wrote: .5 – 1 drink for every 2 hours. Use table 2.2 to determine the effect of the sugar/caffeine/fat on your character.

@zachdonovan wrote: one every two hours.

@deadorcs wrote: I would not go buy drinks. I would go by money spent. For each $5.00 you spend, you should get 2 hours.

@RefugiaFelanAVR wrote: Are you wanting a no cost apple ipad? Click on the profile of XXX

@d20Blonde wrote: I typically snag a coffee and a pastry, but rarely work for more than 3 hours. So, $5-7 for 3 hours of work time.

@MooreAlida wrote: I usually buy something every hour if I’m there longer than 2 hours. If not, a drink and a snack is sufficient, imo.

@evafortuna wrote:  I usually stay for about 4-5 hours and buy one drink, occasionally two. If it gets crowded I leave though.

@Alphastream wrote:  Depends on how busy it is. If it is busy, then I buy something every hour. If not, maybe every 3 could be ok.

@AnExtendedRest wrote: I try and do 1 at small size every hour, refills at sbucks makes that pretty cheap.

@dantack wrote: Either 1:1 or 2:1. (Hours)

@Porkfry wrote: Why am I buying drinks at hourly intervals at a place I worked at? Like I’d think maybe one drink would do for the day.

@kryowyrm wrote: realistically one or if you are really camping out maybe 1:4 hours tipping well will do more to ensure goodwill anyway

@AlioTheFool wrote:  I’d say at least one per 1.5 hours. Better at one to one, but that might be too much for some. oh also, I’m talking from the perspective of someone who orders grande size. Smaller should be at least 1-1.

@frequentbeef wrote: Depends on how busy it is. Empty? Don’t matter. Reasonably busy? Buy something every hour or so.


Rasmus R. wrote: One drink per hour, plus tip. That way you’re not just leeching on the wifi and taking up real estate. FWIW – I got my ratio down by talking to baristas and managers at coffee shops.

Corinne W. wrote: I asked Jessica (the only barista I know) and she said a $2 drink every 2 hours was what she thought was appropriate. A drink an hour makes it a pricey workday.

Reddit: These yahoos decided to answer three or four completely different questions other than the one I asked so I decided not to let those kids play in this pool today.

In the end I guess there isn’t one solid answer to my question, but it is clear that drinks or treats of some sort should be purchased at some point while working in a cafe/coffee shop/tea house. Soaking up a table, outlet, and internet without throwing out at least the $2.15 for a cup of tea is a dick move (in direct violation of Wheaton’s Law) and should be avoided if you are one of the many who now call a local coffee spot their office.


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