Robots and Tardisis (Tardai?) And more!

I can’t help but window shop on the internet. When I do, I always find a million things I would love to have, but either my budget or my respect for my girlfriend prevent me from buying. Here are a couple things I found in the past few days that makes me really wish I had a nerd cave in which I could keep such treasures.

R2D2 lunch bag! 

I mean really, ThinkGeek? Just take my paycheck. Yeah I’m sure your co-workers will get a bit annoyed after they hear R2 beep frantically as you retrieve your lunch from him, but will you care? Hell no, R2D2 is feeding you! Screw those jerks.

Pac Man shot glasses! 

Anyone who knows me knows my love for the man of Pac. I might have a Pac Man tattoo, I might not. Either way, these would make drinking even more fun than it already is. The only thing that would make these better would be the blue scared version of the ghosts on the back of each glass. Also where the hell is Pinky? How could they leave out the best ghost? I mean they left Clyde in but not Pinky? That’s some shit right there.

Tardis trash can!

Honestly I don’t have a trash can at my desk. I really do need one, and if I’m already going to be spending money on a trashcan why not this one? I wonder if it is bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside? Also it makes noise!

This is by no means everything I found in the last few days. Hell, this is only stuff from one site. But you and I both have things to do, so I’ll let you get to yours and I’ll drop more cool things on you later.


Geek Out.


Look What I Made!

A little over a month ago I moved from Portland, Oregon to Santa Clara, California. When I moved I left behind a pretty stable job and entered the world of the underemployed . I have been trying to pick up some freelance social media work, but that is few and far between at the moment. I thought PAX was going to be a huge boost for me since I met so many awesome new people and tons of them expressed interest in my personal talents and skill set, but the weeks of silence following the show have proved that “out of site, out of mind” is real, and painful. So what have I been doing to keep busy?


When we moved we had to decide what to do with our old furniture. Our dressers were in pretty bad shape.

As you can see, our three dressers are pretty much your basic box construction white affairs. Nothing to write a blog about. Since I am sitting on so much free time I decided that I would do something at least slightly creative, so I got out my sander and got to work.

In less than an hour I took this:

And stripped it all down to this:

From there I added a coat of white primer. At first I used primer from a spray can as it goes on very evenly and dries quickly but after 3 cans I decided that for my wallet and my sanity I would switch over to using the brush/roll on instead. I didn’t take any pictures of the primed dresser, mostly because this isn’t a DIY site and this isn’t a step by step post (also, I forgot).

Speaking of forgetting things, I totally forgot to write about step 1, which for me is one of the most important steps, and this is it:

I know I should just go back and drop this in at the beginning but that would take waaaay to much work. Not really, but I also think it’s more fun for step 1 to be somewhere in the middle. I like to enjoy a drink while I’m doing home improvement projects. I don’t get hammered (pun totally intended) but I do like to tie one on, as it were, before I fire up the old power tools. Really I do it so I can blame most of my glaring mistakes on the alcohol, “blame it on the alcohahahahal.” But I digress.

After the primer dried I added a few coats of paint, screwed them up and then sanded and added a few more. Big ups to the Censational Girl blog for the tip about Floetrol. I had totally forgotten about that stuff until I came across this article. Yes I looked up directions on how to paint furniture. It had been years since I had done it. Stop judging me!

The second application of paint was deemed more of a success than the first, but less than I wanted (but I was totally tired of doing it). After it dried, I added the new hardware that Steph had picked out. And that was really all it took. Oh yeah, I did some ding and dent patching with some wood filler and whatnot but I don’t really remember much of it (Thanks, Evan!).

So here is the finished product!

I went with a two tone blue and white with blue tint because I’m hella artistic and am all about interior design and shit. No really, I like the dual tonal look, and it matches with both the walls and the bead sheets. The white and silver hardware also add a cool touch of white to the blue drawers. As you can see I drunkenly forgot to paint the very bottom of the whole thing so next weekend I’m gonna haul it all back out to the garage and fix that little oversight.

Here is close of up the hardware just because:

So there you have it. I redid a couple of dressers and I have one more to go. Sadly, you should not expect more of these DIY posts in the near future since some jackass decided to break into my garage and steal all of my power tools. Now I’m underemployed and can’t do projects. At least I can still drop mad rhymes! (not really)  🙁

A parting thought: I really like doing things like this and I am actually thinking about recording myself while doing them. Kind of a DIY for the Drunk Guy show. If I manage not to lose any fingers while doing it I might actually post them on You Tube or something.

Geek Out.

This is a Thing: Scooby Step

From time to time I find something that I absolutely love. This is one of those times. I don’t really have much to say about it; watch it, absorb the message and be forever changed. Scoobysetp, this is a thing and I’m so glad it is!

Geek Out.


This mix is put together by the very talented Pogo, who assembles entire pieces of music by mixing together samples from movies & real life. See a few more examples of his work below, then check out the rest at his website.

Beat Summer Heat and Bad Drinking Water With Watermelon Ice Cubes!

Watermelon Ice cubes in water

I’m in Seattle for PAX and I have way too much to do today. So I’m going to get down to brass tacks quickly on this one. We (my girlfriend and I) recently moved to Santa Clara, California and Stephanie (my previously-mentioned girlfriend) hates the tap water. I don’t mind it but to be fair we moved from Portland, Oregon where the water is pretty darn good. So to combat this terrible blight of off-tasting water, she started freezing slices of lemons to put in her glass so the flavor might be masked, even if just a little.

Seeing her do this got me to thinking, I wonder what else I could freeze to make her water taste better. The end result of my experimenting was, as I am sure you have guessed by the title of this article, watermelon ice cubes. They are pretty damn awesome.

It took me a while to figure out a good way to juice the watermelon, and I came up with a couple you might want to try if you want to enjoy a glass of water flavored by these bad boys. Keep in mind I was trying to get the least amount of pulp in the cube as I could. Once the ice starts to melt I don’t want to be drinking a slush of water and watermelon, all I want is a little flavor.

1. Cheese Cloth – This works really well if you are willing to get your hands a little dirty. Place a few decent sized chunks of watermelon in the middle of the cloth and then fold it over until the melon is completely wrapped up. Then wring out the cheese cloth into a bowl like you would a wet washcloth or towel. From there you just pour the water into ice cube trays and freeze.

2. A garlic press – Actually works pretty well at getting water out of some of the harder rind while keeping a good amount of the pulp from getting all mixed in.

3. Cut and Press – This is a bit of an old fashioned way of doing things but sometimes the best tools are the ones you were born with. For this method all you need to do is squeeze the watermelon into a bowl with your hands (make sure you wash them first). When you get down to the rind take a knife or a spoon and make a series of cuts in the exposed surface to allow more of the water to be squeezed out.

4. Not a blender – Almost everyone I talked to about my little project would ask me why I didn’t just use a blender. As I explained before, I don’t want to make a watermelon water mix, I want to have a slightly flavored water. Using the blender would ensure that each ice cube would contain a fair amount of pulp. Not optimal.

Once you have juiced your melon and have frozen the results all you have to decide is how much flavor you want in your water. If you are only looking for a hint all you need to do is mix 1 cube in with three or four regular ice cubes. If you want some serious watermelon in your H20 then add 3 cubes and enjoy the watermelony goodness.

If you make your own ice cubes using something else I would love to hear about it. I’m thinking cucumber might be my next attempt, or perhaps pear.

Geek Out.


This is a Thing: A Real Giant Freaking Robot!

Sometimes I look down at my iPad, or get done using some form of video chat, and I think to my self “I’m living in the future!” I get that feeling whenever some awesome innovation comes along that changes the way I live my life. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets the “future feeling”. It might be when you unlock your car door by reaching for the handle, turn on your computer with a fingerprint, or have a silly robot cleaning your living room floor, but the feeling is the same. While we don’t have flying cars (yet), many of the awesome things I have been waiting for since childhood have finally come around. I am proud to say that we have once again hit one of those landmark moments in history when the future becomes the present (I think I stole that from Robo Cop).

This last week I was blown away to find out that giant robots are now, in fact, real! A new company in Japan Suidobashi Heavy Industry has begun sales of the first mass production rideable giant robot called “Kuratas.” I use the term “mass produced’ tongue in cheek, due to the $1.3 million dollar price tag; I doubt these will be rolling off the line like your average Honda Accord.

I have to admit that I didn’t think the first giant robot would feature Microsoft Kinect capabilities but I somehow knew that MS would have something to do with the first great robot rebellion. It’s hard to put into words the excitement I feel for real giant robots armed with water rocket launchers, foam ball gatling guns, and giant metal claws. As with everything, I’m going to wait until a second model is released before buying one; I want to make sure they get all the bugs out first.

Not only does this robot have a top speed of an amazing 6 mph and optional iPhone controls, but you can also pick a custom color package. What? Gun metal grey isn’t your bag? Try lightning yellow, just in case having your own 12 foot giant robot isn’t screaming “look at me!” enough.

I guess this Old Glory Robot Insurance I bought might actually come in handy eh?