Awesome Presentation

I’m sure most people who have read this blog have noticed that I went with the most simple design that caught my eye. I’m a fan of simple and clean (not the J-pop song) for my design. Partially because simple makes site management easy and quick and allows me to focus on other things (see Skyrim). Clean allows the reader to find the content with out the need to search endlessly or to have their attention constantly drawn to needless images, advertisements or what ever nonsense I have decided to write on my Twitter feed.

A couple of weeks ago I came across and article on LifeHakcer about a really slick presentation design done by a programmer over at Github. It was titled A Non-Designer’s Guide to Making Attractive Presentation Slides, and with a title like that I couldn’t resist. I’m no designer, I’m a jack of all trades, I do a little (see very little) design, some video editing, content development, and on and on. When a guy like me faces off against someone who is a professional designer I go from being a jack to knowing jack. But even though I don’t hold a degree in design does not mean I can’t still make something beautiful and very functional.

Zach Holman, the creator of the presentation that sparked the creation of the LifeHacker article and then this article about the two articles, creates presentations with a simple, elegant philosophy that really jives with how I my self would like to create. I’m trying to get the word out about good presentation design because simpley put: I’m tired of seeing the same stock power point background images, and light blue canvas. I would love to see more design like Zach’s show up in presentations, from universities to board-rooms. The best part of all is anyone can do it, anyone who is willing to spend just a little bit of time putting together a color pallet and a font or three that work.

So if you read this please consider Zach and his simple, clean, and highly-functional slide design the next time you have a presentation starring you in the face. If you are brave perhaps you could even email a link to his post to your boss, professor or co-worker if you think they might need a bit of color in their slides.