Book Geek: Woe is I

I didn’t study English lit or creative writing in college, and I am in no way a prolific writer, but I do care about being correct in my usage of the English language. That’s why I need to make a quick post to thank Chris Sims for his article “On Writing” in which he recommends to budding writers the book Woe is I. Both the article and the book have been a great help in my struggle to become a struggling author. I’m not going to lie; though funny at times, this book is a dry read. For anyone not interested in bettering his/her grasp on the use of written word it might be better to skip this one. For all those who wish to convey his/her innermost thoughts, or just tell his/her friends about an awesome new toy he/she just found, Woe is I is not to be missed. Budding bloggers and future Neil Gaimans out there please do us all a favor and pick this one up. I would also suggest giving Chris Sims’ aforementioned article a good read through as well.



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  1. Isn’t it usually the English/creative writing majors who are wishing they studied something else in college?

    Still, Chris’ article is a good read. Thanks for introducing it to me.

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