Beat Summer Heat and Bad Drinking Water With Watermelon Ice Cubes!

Watermelon Ice cubes in water

I’m in Seattle for PAX and I have way too much to do today. So I’m going to get down to brass tacks quickly on this one. We (my girlfriend and I) recently moved to Santa Clara, California and Stephanie (my previously-mentioned girlfriend) hates the tap water. I don’t mind it but to be fair we moved from Portland, Oregon where the water is pretty darn good. So to combat this terrible blight of off-tasting water, she started freezing slices of lemons to put in her glass so the flavor might be masked, even if just a little.

Seeing her do this got me to thinking, I wonder what else I could freeze to make her water taste better. The end result of my experimenting was, as I am sure you have guessed by the title of this article, watermelon ice cubes. They are pretty damn awesome.

It took me a while to figure out a good way to juice the watermelon, and I came up with a couple you might want to try if you want to enjoy a glass of water flavored by these bad boys. Keep in mind I was trying to get the least amount of pulp in the cube as I could. Once the ice starts to melt I don’t want to be drinking a slush of water and watermelon, all I want is a little flavor.

1. Cheese Cloth – This works really well if you are willing to get your hands a little dirty. Place a few decent sized chunks of watermelon in the middle of the cloth and then fold it over until the melon is completely wrapped up. Then wring out the cheese cloth into a bowl like you would a wet washcloth or towel. From there you just pour the water into ice cube trays and freeze.

2. A garlic press – Actually works pretty well at getting water out of some of the harder rind while keeping a good amount of the pulp from getting all mixed in.

3. Cut and Press – This is a bit of an old fashioned way of doing things but sometimes the best tools are the ones you were born with. For this method all you need to do is squeeze the watermelon into a bowl with your hands (make sure you wash them first). When you get down to the rind take a knife or a spoon and make a series of cuts in the exposed surface to allow more of the water to be squeezed out.

4. Not a blender – Almost everyone I talked to about my little project would ask me why I didn’t just use a blender. As I explained before, I don’t want to make a watermelon water mix, I want to have a slightly flavored water. Using the blender would ensure that each ice cube would contain a fair amount of pulp. Not optimal.

Once you have juiced your melon and have frozen the results all you have to decide is how much flavor you want in your water. If you are only looking for a hint all you need to do is mix 1 cube in with three or four regular ice cubes. If you want some serious watermelon in your H20 then add 3 cubes and enjoy the watermelony goodness.

If you make your own ice cubes using something else I would love to hear about it. I’m thinking cucumber might be my next attempt, or perhaps pear.

Geek Out.


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