A social experiment to get a social job!

So this is how life works: you wake up, you go to work, come home kiss your wife and then go to sleep to do it all over again. Many of us wait for that dream job to come along so we can actually be excited about going to work every morning. Every once in a while an opportunity comes along that is too good to pass up; that is my story. This last week, Wizards of the Coast, maker of games such as Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons posted a job opening for a Community/Social media manager and it’s one of my few perfect jobs. If you want to read about the job click here.

I have been a project manager for nonprofits and I have been a restaurant general manager, along with a host of other jobs. I also have a really fun website This is My Game dedicated to games of all kinds. Along with the website I keep a twitter account with a decent number of followers, an active Facebook page and I co-host two podcasts, again dedicated to gaming. So I am a geek, a huge geek, and I don’t hide it. So what better job for a huge Dungeons and Dragons-playing geek than running social media for the company that makes the game I so enjoy?

That is where this blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter account and YouTube come in. I am starting a social media campaign to get me a social media job. I never went to school for advertising or communications but I know social media. I will be writing a few posts over the next few days detailing how I feel social media could be used to help businesses reach out to their customers and enhance the design, distribution, and support process. If they are not enough to convince you that I am the man for the job then don’t go any further. But if you think I should at least get a shot at an interview with the company then please go to my facebook page and like it; you could even leave a message supporting me in my endeavor to get the ultimate geek job and end my joblessness. You can also tweet a message of support using the #Job4Thad hash tag.

Thanks for reading this. My ultimate hope is to get enough Facebook “Likes” and twitter messages to get the attention of Wizards of the Coast and to get into the interview process. Any help is welcome help– post a link to this blog in Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to help me generate support! Let’s see if my social media experiment will help me get a social media job!


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