5 Gift Ideas for Guys Who Wear Button Up Shirts

I had such a hard time coming up with a name for this gift list. It’s not really a lifestyle gift guide and it’s not really for “cultured” guys. I could have said “metrosexual” but I don’t think people use that word anymore. Anyway, guys who tend to wear lots of button shirts might like these 5 holiday gift ideas. Guys who wear other kinds of shirts might also enjoy some or all of these; everyone likes their own thing and broad generalizations are tough to make these days.

As a disclaimer – I am not affiliated with any of these companies, and all of these products are things I have actually tried. I didn’t go search the internet for good ideas to regurgitate on my blog. This guide could really be used as a gift list for me but I figured there might be some guys like me out there who enjoy these these. If you click these links I will not get a portion of the sales, you won’t be supporting this blog monetarily, but you will be supporting some pretty cool companies that make some pretty kick ass products.

#1. Steven Smith Teamaker Teas:
After founding Tazo Tea and going on to co-found Stash Tea Steven Smith would go on to found a small batch tea company that, to this day, bares his name – Steven Smith Teamaker. Some of the worlds finest small batch teas can be found in the tasting rooms of this Portland based company. Any tea from Smith Teamaker is sure to be a hit with any guy who enjoys sitting down with a nice cup of fresh brewed tea. The sampler packs are always a safe bet ranging from $6.99 up to $150 for their “Full Monty” sampler.  For the more adventurous tea drinker their whiskey themed special edition teas are always exciting and fun to drink; yes I just said a tea is fun to drink. I’m drinking it right now and it’s fun! Their special edition teas are usually limited in their runs so best order some when they are available.

#2. Ursa Major Skin Care Products: 
Very few places on earth could be more perfect for testing the effectivness of skincare products like Vermont. Okay I don’t actually have empirical data to back that up but I can imagine that the cold dry winters and sun soaked summers are the perfect test bed for pretty decent skin care lines. In an attempt to create healthier offerings Ursa Major has come up with a skin care line based on natural ingredients. They espouse the need to limit the amount of synthetic chemicals and toxins. I’m not sure about all of that, I’ve never been all that good at clean living, but I can tell you that their products work. I currently use three of them and have been very pleased with the results.

  1. Fantastic Face Wash – $28  
  2. 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic – $26
  3. Fortifying Face Balm – $36

I’m interested in trying some of their other line, but for now I get away with the basics and they are great. If the guy you are buying for cares for his skin on a regular basis this would be something I’m sure he will thank you for.

#3. Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition Books – $5 – $50

Okay this is where the broad categories don’t always work out. I’m sure some of you are saying “Hey! I know a guy who wears button up shirts and he doesn’t read!” Well I’m sure that’s a thing. I’m certain that many guys out there who dress like me don’t enjoy reading the way I do. But for those who do, the Barnes and Noble collectible edition books are a safe bet for a holiday gift. This ever changing selection of books feature classic as well as more modern fare, and finding something to suit anyone shouldn’t be a problem. I’m eyeballing the Han Solo Trilogy for my bookshelf this year. Not only are these enjoyable to read, but they also dress up any bookshelf.

For any man, or woman, who has gotten rid of their basic white IKEA bookshelves and upgraded to something a little more fitting for an adult of discerning taste, these will help dress that shelf right up. The price tag on the Barnes and Noble Collectible Editions along with the less personal nature of the gift puts them prime in the secret Santa and office gift exchange range. I’d be happy to get a couple of these for the holidays I’d say lots of other guys would too.

#4. Exuvius Multi-tool Collar Stays – $45

We’ve already covered that the guy you are shopping for wears button up shirts, that means this gift is a sure thing. For any guy who likes gadgets or that James Bond feeling you get when you pull the perfect tool for the job out of the most unexpected of places, these are a pretty awesome gift. Featuring a bottle opener, thread cutter, screw driver and made from 100% titanium. These might not be the flashiest gift you can buy a guy, but they are pretty damn cool and thoughtful. These can be purchased in sets of two which means one set can be in a man’s active rotation and the second set can be kept, via the useful key-ring holes, with your keys for those occasional days when you forget to put your collar stays in. I have these, I use the tools more than I ever thought I would, and I absolutely adore these.

#5. Jack Black Shaving Product – $11 – $52

It might be redundant to have two gifts based on men’s facial care, but shaving and general facial care are very different things for me. Shaving for me is a practice in self-care, and having the right shaving products makes the experience so much more enjoyable. If the guy you are shopping for is the kind of guy who cares about how he looks and wears button up shirts (sticking to the theme I’ve trapped myself in here) then razor burn and a bad shave are things he hates dealing with.

I’ve been using Jack Black (not the actor so far as I am aware) for a year now and, not to mince words here, it’s fucking amazing! I’ve dealt with razor burn my entire adult life, even opting for an electric shaver at times to avoid the inescapable eventuality that is the burn you get from a fresh burn and a collared shirt. Jack Black products have helped me attain the smoothest and least painful post shave I have ever had. Gah! Just thinking of all the bad shaves I’ve endured makes my neck burn. If your guy shaves on the regular you should get him to try this, he might enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks for reading my holiday gift guide for guys who wear button up shirts. As I finish writing it I have to admit to myself that the title is pretty lame. But I kept the theme all the way through and I don’t want to go back and change it for fear that I will have to go back through and edit a bunch of stuff. Who needs that kind of self imposed work, am I right? Happy holidays and thanks for reading.

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