The Cred Cast: Ep.2 That dog wont hunt.

Episode 2 has arrived, though really it’s just Dickie and me farting around in his office again, talking about iPad games and how the folks over at EA Games spun their latest catastrophe into marketing gold. O.k. I would say it really only took the silver, but telling people that their game is so awesome that the users broke it is some pretty good smoke to blow. Anyway, enjoy the show!


Cred Cast Ep. 1: What the eff do I call this?

Kate Rutledge Jaffe

That’s right the day has finally come! The Cred Cast episode 1 has finally been released. In this episode I am joined by my good friend Dickie A. for some fun discussion about podcasting, his office, and sushi fish. We conclude the episode with an interview with Kate Rutledge Jaffe; the festival director for the Seattle Science Fiction Fantasy Short Film Festival.

We promise  a bunch of links in this episode so I’ll post them tomorrow in a follow up to this episode. I promise I won’t let it happen again, the promising links that is, not the lack of follow through.

Geek out. [podcast][/podcast]