Geek Cleaning: Giving Shit Away!

A Pile of Magic the Gathering Cards

My girlfriend and I live in a really tiny apartment. I’m trying to come up with some funny thing to compare it to but everything I think of just makes me sad at the realization that the comparison isn’t too far off. So with out any metaphor or simile I’ll get to the point; as a geek I collect tons of stuff like video games, books, board games, figurines, DVDs, cards, etc. So every year I have to take stock and figure out what is important to me and what I can give the fuck away. This year my place is smaller than it has ever been (thanks California!) and I’m looking to get rid of a lot of stuff. First up on the board is some Magic the Gathering cards. From time to time Wizards gives me boxes of cards. I play with them, usually mini masters, or a draft here and there. But for the most part I don’t really play. So I am left with shit tonnes (that’s metric) of cards and nothing to do with them. I have been told they are valuable so, as a geek, I have squirreled them away.

Now I’m giving them away. So this is how it’s going to work. I’m tired of all the “follow me on twitter for five extra entries” and “like us on Facebook for an extra chance” BS. I’m sure I will get over this soon so don’t expect all my giveaways to be this simple. Buuuuut for this one all you have to do is leave a comment telling me that you want the cards, or that you like free stuff, or like cats, cake, girls, guys, or anything else you want to put in that little comment box at the bottom of the page. On the 31st of may I will pick a winner at random.

I will open this up to international contestants, but anyone outside of the continental 48 states will have to help me cover the shipping cost. I’m not made of money (probably because I give shit away) so I can’t go shipping a ton of cards to Australia all willy-nilly.

It’s not required but you can always follow me on Twitter @ThadeousC or like this site on Facebook by clicking the like button to the right.

In case you have any questions about the giveaway I’ll try to do a FAQ:

Q: What kind of cards will the winner be getting?

A: Mostly M13 and Innistrad, with a few other sets thrown in… Return to Ravnica I think, and some Magic Unicorn Mountain something something.

Q: How many cards will I be getting?

A: I have no freakin’ clue. A lot, more than a thousand less than a million.

Q: Are there any Mythic rare cards?

A: I know there is at least one, but I ate a few to gain their power (delicious!) so not as many as there should be.

Q: Can you post a list of the cards?

A: Really?

Q: How will we know that you, Thadeous, selected a winner at random?

A: Ever hear of trust? If you don’t believe that I picked a winner at random I will freely offer you your money back, less any administrative cost I have incurred. Fair?

Alright that’s about all I have in me tonight. I have been drinking, and I am pretty sure that this will only get worse as I go on. Now get to posting so someone can get to winning! Also, the kick-ass s’mores tins the cards are currently in are NOT included. They are too freakin’ awesome!

Geek Out!


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I Pity the Fool!

Who don’t get his hair cut here!


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Well Dressed Wednesday: The Dude Abides

It’s well dressed Wednesday! I’m really tired from the events of my day but I thought I should at least throw down an outfit for today. So this is what I am wearing today. I call it “The Dude Abbouds”  This suit is a beautiful brown three button with almost chalk line-esque pin stripes. It has a really nice modern/sporty cut. The shirt is also Joseph A. and the tie is one of my absolute favorites; it’s always a good day when that tie gets to come out of the closet. I added on some leather Italian kicks to bring it all together. I felt more like being subtle and defined than flashy and eye catching today. What did you put on for WDW?

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Syncing Multiple Google Calendars in iOS and Mac OSX

My good friend Derek Guder usually figures out how to make tech work better than the original factory settings long before I do. Last week he figured out how to sync multiple calendars on an iOS device and Mac OS. If this is something that has plagued you for awhile here is a simple how-to he wrote to make it easy for you. Enjoy, and feel free to say thanks to Derek if it helps you at all.

By default, Google accounts only sync the basic default calendar to the Calendar app in iOS and Mac OS. The fix to display multiple calendars isn’t actually that hard, it’s just surprising that it’s not enabled by default.

First, the Complicated one – iOS

Setting it up for iOS takes a couple steps.

1.  Go to in mobile Safari (didn’t seem to work properly in a desktop browser). You should see a list of mobile devices that you’ve synced with your Google account, like this:


Note that I have two iPhones listed because I had to get mine replaced, so this will list each device. Make sure to pick the right one if you’ve changed phones recently.

2. Tap on the device you want to display other calendars on and you should get another screen that lists a few options, including other calendars to list, like this:


The first calendar listed should be your default personal calendar, likely listed as your Gmail address. This is the one that should already be syncing to your device. “Sex Tavern” is the shared calendar for my house that I and my housemates use (in theory) to plan stuff that everyone needs to know about. This is the one I wanted to add, so I checked it off, too. Don’t ask why it’s called “Sex Tavern.” Long story.


3. Save that, and the next time you load the Calendar app and tap on “Calendars”, you should see the extra calendars show up, like this:


And now you should be all set. You can toggle local display on/off like you can with any other calendar. If you need to display it on another device, just go through the same steps again. Definitely one of those things I wish were enabled by default.


Second, the Easy One – Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion

Not sure how easy this is in previous versions of the Mac OS, as this is the first time I tried it. My quick searching online revealed an old thread and it seemed to work though, so it should be good.

It’s very simple. Just open the Calendar app (or iCal if you’re on an older OS) and click on Calendar -> Preferences -> Accounts. Select the account in question (presumably labeled “Gmail” or whatever you called it) and click on the “Delegation” tab within the account itself. You should see a list of all your Google Calendars, and can just select the additional calendars you want to display. Should look like this:

Just check off the calendars you want to enable and they should start showing up. This will also make the additional calendars show up in Notification Center, etc.

And that’s it – I think.

And that seems like all you need to do. I say seems because I just did it myself and it all seems to be working fine, but you know how technology is. And anyone who knows me personally knows the kind of history I have with getting things to work smoothly…

Anyway, it should be straightforward. Just remember you’ll need to repeat those steps with each device you want to enable them on, and if you add more calendars later you’ll need to manually toggle all of them on again.

If anyone has any other Google account sync tricks, let me know. Until then, I’ll keep dreaming of the day when Google will sync smoothly and properly with all Apple products, on both iOS and OSX.


Geek Out

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iPhone 5, meh.

Steph: “So tell me again why you want a new iPhone?”

Me: “Well it’s bigger, and it has a new chip so it’s faster.”

Steph: “Is yours slow?”

Me: “No, but this one is newer, and it um, can have more apps on the screen.”

This was by no means the end of the conversation but it’s the part where it all started to turn around for me. I was no longer convincing my girlfriend that I needed a new phone, instead I was convincing my self that the iPhone 5 really isn’t a new phone. I mean technically it is, as some of the parts are new, but for the most part the experience of the phone does not look like anything revolutionary.

I’m sure a lot of people feel differently about the new hardware, but after the initial excitement of shiny new thing announcement day has worn off, I just can’t bring myself to get one. I like my 4s, and I’m sure I’ll like the 5 just as much, but that’s the thing, why should I pay $200 to like a new phone just about as much as I like the one I already have? Could it be that I want everyone to see how I have the latest technology? Sure, that is always a bonus, but it also puts a few unwanted points in my Douchey stat.

I’m not writing a tech review of the phone here, nor am I writing this to compare the specs of my old iPhone 4s to the new iPhone 5. No, I’m simply capturing the moment in my week where I went from really wanting this brand new super phone, to being happy with my old but still new super phone. I’m not going anti apple or anything. But I have noticed that they are really slowing down on the revolution, are really picking up on the tweaking. It sometimes feels like their motto was “If it isn’t broken then redesign it until the old one looks broken and the new one is the answer” and has become more of a “It isn’t broken because we made it so just throw a new chip in it.” Ok, maybe not, I never claimed to be a slogan writer.

I will say this, the one thing I am going to miss getting to play around with is the new connector. Apple called it “The Lightning” so I wonder if that means the transfer rate is going to be super fast, or if it somehow manages to charge the battery quickly. The up side of not having the new connector: I won’t have to buy a new iPod dock stereo! I actually have a few different devices designed to interact with my iPhone/iPad and having a universal plug also means I only have to pack one for the two devices when I travel. I’m sure they have already worked that out though, some adapter or what not.

All of that being said (or written) I’ll hold onto my phone for now, and see how the iPhone 5s, or the 6 looks. I honestly hope they get rid of the numbers by the time the 6 comes out.

Steph: “Mind if I correct that conversation just a bit?”

Me: “Well I don’t really remember it all I am just paraphrasing”

Steph: “You said it was smaller, thinner, that it’s the same but faster. And that it was made out of aluminum.”

Me: “I love you, and you were right.”

Steph: “This isn’t what I told you to write at the end.”

Me “I’ll write that now”

Thus proving that my girlfriend is super smart  the smartest person on the planet.

Geek Out

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